Elected Officials

Jerome for websiteClerk of Courts
The Florida Constitution established the Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller as an elected public trustee that encompasses a system of checks and balances at the county level. The Clerk & Comptroller is generally vested with a large number of administrative duties. Florida Clerks perform 926 different constitutional and statutory functions or duties that include the County Treasurer, Recorder, Auditor, Finance Officer, and Ex-Officio Clerk of the County Commission.

PA - Raymond McIntyreProperty Appraiser
C. Raymond McIntyre
The Property Appraiser's function is to inventory and assess all real estate and tangible personal property in the county for ad valorem purposes.  For 2018, the tax roll in Highlands County totaled 112,802 real property parcels and 15,286 tangible personal property accounts.  Florida law requires the Property Appraiser to update the values on these records annually.

HC Sheriff - Paul BlackmanSheriff
Paul Blackman
The Sheriff is responsible for law enforcement and the protection of life and property in Highlands County, the welfare and safekeeping of the law offenders incarcerated in the Highlands County Jail and for security and order in the Circuit and County Courts.  The vision of the Sheriff's Office is a safer Highlands County where citizens and law enforcement are joined together, the rights of all persons are respected and community values are reflected.

SOE - Penny OggSupervisor of Elections
Penny Ogg
The Supervisor of Elections is responsible for preparing for and conducting all county, state and federal elections held in Highlands County.  The Office accurately maintains records for all registered voters within the County.  The Supervisor qualifies all county candidates and monitors all financial reports due from candidates.  In addition, the Office handles filings of certain financial disclosures forms by appointed and elected officials that are required by the Ethics Commission.

Tax Collector - Eric ZwayerTax Collector
Eric T. Zwayer
The Tax Collector is responsible for providing a wide range of services including the collection and administration of ad valorem taxes, non-ad valorem assessments, motor-vehicle and vessel registrations and title fees, hunting and fishing license fees and most recently, legislatively mandated issuance and renewal of driver's licenses.  These services are preformed on behalf of local government and agencies of the State of Florida.