Meet Your Commissioners

Highlands County
Board of County Commissioners

2020-11-17-HCBC-Outdoor group
(Roberts, Rapp, Kirouac, Tuck, and Campbell)

Highlands County is a non-charter county established under the Constitution and laws of the State of Florida.  The County is governed by the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners.  The County is divided into five (5) districts, each represented by a seat on the County Commission.

Each member of the Commission is required to live with the district they represent.  Seats are elected county-wide and serve a four-year term.  Elections are staggered with even and odd number districts up for election every other election cycle.

To find out what District you live in Click Here.

District 1 - Kevin Roberts
District 2 - Kathy Rapp (2020/2021 Vice Chair)
District 3 - Scott Kirouac (2020/2021 Chair)
District 4 - Arlene Tuck
District 5 - Chris Campbell

The Board of County Commissioners is the legislative branch and governing body of Highlands County Government, as established under Section 125 of the Florida Statutes. The Board legislates policy to protect the health, welfare, safety and quality of life of residents of Highlands County.

County Commissioners have a number of responsibilities, which include but are not limited to:
  • Performing legislative functions of government by developing policy for the management of Highlands County.
  • Adopting ordinances and resolutions to establish public policy.
  • Reviewing, adopting and adjusting the County's annual budget and authoring expenditures.
  • Reviewing, adjusting and adopting the County's Capital Financial Strategy, which is a schedule of all County infrastructure projects.
  • Taking action on any programs to improve the County and the welfare of its residents.
  • Appointing the County Administrator and County Attorney..
  • Appointing individuals to serve on various advisory and regulatory boards.
  • Serving on local, regional and state boards.
More information about the powers and duties of the County Commissioners can be found in Florida Statute Chapter 125.01.

MEETINGS:Calendar graphic
The Board meets at the Highlands County Government Center Boardroom located at 600 S. Commerce Avenue in Sebring, Florida on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m. 

The Board meetings are broadcast live on Channel 3 and via the Internet.  Minutes of the meetings can be obtained online (click here) or by request.

JANUARY: January 5; January 19 
FEBRUARY: February 2; February 16
MARCH: March 2; March 16
APRIL: April 6, (Friday) April 23
MAY: May 4; May 18
JUNE: June 1; June 15
JULY: July 6; July 20
AUGUST: August 3; August 17
SEPTMEBER: September 7; September 21
OCTOBER: October 5; October 19
NOVEMBER: November 2; November 16
DECEMBER: December 7; December 21