Natural Resources Advisory Commission


The Natural Resources Advisory Commission's mission shall be to provide advice and guidance to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) regarding the conservation of natural resources in Highlands County.  Natural resources include but are not limited to: soil and minerals, air, surface and groundwater and species and natural communities.

Section 12.03.400 of the Highlands County Code of Ordinances.
Ord. No. 03-04-1

Make recommendations to the BOCC including viewpoints of members regarding:
  • Conservation planning in Highlands County, including, but not limited to priorities for land acquisition and conservation easements, design of conservation corridors, sustainability programs, watershed planning, and natural resource planning via improved GIS databases.
  • County policies and programs related to natural resources, including but not limited to: Land Development Regulations, the Comprehensive Plan, and Environmental Clearance Reports.
  • Use of the Conservation Trust Fund.
Participation in:
  • Identification and monitoring of potential impacts to the natural resources of Highlands County. 
  • Educational programs focused on natural resources and their protection in Highlands County.
  • Partnerships among Highlands County and other local, state, federal and non-governmental organizations.
Appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. 

The Natural Resources Advisory Committee consists of not less than nine voting members from categories A, B and C and not more then eleven members total, all who are full time residents in highlands County.

  • Category A.  - Environmental Representatives - Three voting members representing occupations or sufficient educational credentials related to environmental professions which may include but are not limited to environmental sciences, environmental consultancy, natural area land management, environmental research or education, and environmental conservation / protection organizations or agencies. 
  • Category B.  - Agricultural Representatives - Three voting members representing agricultural occupations, or sufficient educational credentials related thereto, which may include but are not limited to commercial farm, forestry, or fishery activities, agri-business, agri-sciences, or agricultural research or education. 
  • Category C.  - Professional Representatives - Three voting members representing occupations or sufficient educational credentials, particularly specializations within professions that have a bearing on regional environmental issues, which may include but are not limited to banking and finance, land planning and surveying, law, engineering, education, surveying, development and real estate, as well as those with professional experience of relevant subjects such as geology, hydrology, or geography.
  • Category D.  - At-Large Representatives - Two voting members who are knowledgeable about natural resources in Highlands County. 

Members serve four-year terms, with the exception of At-Large Representatives who hold one year terms to provide expertise on specific natural resource issues. 

Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 4:00 pm.

Commissioner Tuck
Mike McMillian / Staff Liaison
(863) 402-6545

Christine Senne / Professional
Term Expires: 09/30/2022

Dale McQuillen / Professional
Term Expires: 09/30/2020

Joe Barber / Professional
Term Expires: 09/30/2021

Erin McCarta / Environmental 
Term Expires: 09/30/2022

Dr. Hilary Swain / Environmental
Term Exprires: 09/30/2020

Vivienne Sclater / Environmental
Term Expires: 09/30/2021

Emma Ezell / Agriculture
Term Expires: 09/30/2021

Benjamin L. Butler / Agriculture
Term Expires: 09/30/2020

Hank Crutchfield / Agriculture
Term Expires: 09/30/2022

Vacant / At Large
Term Expires:

Vacant / At Large
Term Expires: