GIS Day Workshop November 13th, 2019

GIS Day is November 13th, 2019. Geographic Information Science, or GIS, is a scientific framework for gathering, analyzing, and visualizing geographic data to help us make better decisions. GIS Day is a day for Geographic Information Professionals internationally to share their passion and inspire the world with GIS. Highlands County is celebrating by hosting a workshop to educate the public how their lives are impacted by GIS on daily basis.  On that day, the GIS Users Group  would like to showcase the new Interactive Map that is currently being used by members of the public, including the real estate community.  The showcase will be in a form of a one hour workshop, wherein Highlands County citizens will learn how many of their everyday questions can be easily answered by using the new Interactive Map.

 There are 4 workshops on November 13th, 2019:





 The meeting will be held at Engineering Department Training Room.

505 S. Commerce Ave. 2nd Floor Sebring, Fl. 33870

 You can RSVP for the workshop by signing up HERE. (

 You can explore the new Interactive Map HERE. (