What are Sharps?
“Sharps” are defined as medical wastes, which have the potential to puncture or lacerate. These include hypodermic and intravenous needles and syringes, as well as disposable lancets and other medical devices used for self-injection or blood tests. Once used, these devices become a potentially hazardous medical waste product. That is why it’s important to dispose of “sharps” the right way.

Why Separate Sharps from the Solid Waste Stream?
Disposal of sharps into the solid waste stream cause may problems. They can clog sewer
systems, hinder recycling efforts and may put solid waste workers and the community at risk of injury or illness.

Program Participation
All Highlands County residents and visitors who, for medical reasons, must administer injections or perform blood tests at home are encouraged to participate in this FREE program. Residents participating in this program will receive a free sharps container for the proper and safe disposal of used sharps. These containers are specially designed to contain sharps and are similar to those used by physicians, hospitals, dentists and others in the health care community. Disposal of sharps containers is performed by a properly certified company which specializes in this type of waste disposal.

Sharps Container Guidelines
  1. Sharps containers must be obtained from one of the participating pharmacies listed in this web site.
  2. Place your sharps container out of reach of pets and small children.
  3. After administering your injection or performing other tests using sharps, drop the sharp into the sharps container.
  4. When the contents of the container reach the fill line, close the locking lid mechanism, complete the identification sticker, place the sticker on the top of the sharps containers and take the container to one of the participating pharmacies for proper disposal.
Do not place sharps containers into your household garbage.
A replacement sharps container will be issued when the full container is received by pharmacy personnel. However, pharmacy personnel will not accept overfilled containers or containers visibly contaminated on the outside. Pharmacy personnel will only accept County approved containers and will not accept inappropriate sharps containers.

Participating Pharmacies
During regular business hours, the following participating pharmacies will provide County residents and visitors with sharps containers free of charge. You can obtain your initial and replacement containers at one of the following locations:

Avon Pharmacy
1577 U.S. 27 
Avon Park, FL 33825 
(863) 453-3884

Gilbert Drugs
2190 Lakeview Drive
Sebring, FL 33870 
(863) 385-0741

Heartland Medical Supply
342 E. Royal Palm St.
Lake Placid, FL 33852
(863) 465-0024

This Program is being provided for the private sector only.  All professionals and businesses are regulated under state and federal biohazard waste laws and may not participate.