Fee Schedule

Highlands County
Solid Waste Management Center
Arbuckle Landfill – 12700 Arbuckle Creek Rd.
Sebring, FL 33870
(863) 402-7786

Fee Schedule Fiscal Year 2020-2021

Type of Material Landfill Tipping Fee
Class 1 Waste / Residential MSW (Bulk Only) $45.00 per ton
Class I Waste/Commercial MSW (Bulk only) $45.00 per ton
White Goods (refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, etc.) $20.00 per ton
Horticultural/Yard Waste (bulk) $25.00 per ton
Class I (bagged) maximum of 10 bags $1.00 per bag
Construction & Demolition (C & D) Waste/Debris $25.00 per ton
Minimum Charge for Class 1 & Horticultural Bulk Items $10.00 minimum
Minimum Charge for C & D Bulk Items $10.00 minimum
Tires, Bulk Rate $110.00 per ton
Tires, Individual Car Tires (Residential, Up to 20" Tire Size) Free
Tires, Individual Truck Tires (Over 20" Tire Size) $7.50 each
Tires, Individual Mobile Home Tires $5.00 each
Tires, Large Truck Tires and OTR Tires $15.00 each
Horticultural/Yard Waste (bagged) $0.50 per bag
Vehicle & Trailer Weight Tickets $5.00 per ticket
Animal Carcasses $75.00 per ton
Asbestos (Need 48 hour notice) $150.00 per ton
Contaminated Soil (Less than 25 tons, Same origination site) $45.00 per ton
Road Base Material (concrete and asphalt paving and roofing) Free
Grass Clippings Free
Mobile Home Trailer 40' or less $200.00 flat fee
Mobile Home Trailer w/drywall 40' or less $350.00 flat fee
Mobile Home Trailer over 40' $300.00 flat fee
Mobile Home Trailer w/drywall over 40' $450.00 flat fee
Fined Load Fee (Enforcement of Tarp Ordinance) $50.00 per ton
Fined Load Fee $50.00 each
Flat Fee - Fined Load $50.00 per ton
Freon Removal $15.00 per appliance
Landfill Cover Material Unless Waived $5.00 per ton
Hazardous Waste Not Accepted
Paint Disposal - Commercial $3.00 per gallon
Fine Dust (Granite, Plastic, Other Materials) $10.00 per ton
Residential Illegal Dump Property Cleanup by Owner (With Documentation) Free
Unloading Fee $35.00 each
Prohibited Debris Waste Separation Fee (Pick-Up) $50.00 each
Prohibited Debris Separation Fee (Mini Wheel) $75.00 each
Prohibited Debris Separation Fee (ALL OTHERS) $150.00 each
Mechanical Assistance (battery jump) $25.00 each
Assistance pulling load off vehicle $25.00 each
RF Tag Replacement $20.00 each
Propane Tanks - 20 lb. or less Free
Propane Tanks  - 21 lb. - 30lb. $5.00 each
Propane Tanks - 31 lb. - 120 lb. $10.00 each
Propane Tanks - 121 lb. - 250 lb. $20.00 each
Gas Plastic (Ag Plastic) $45 per ton