Recycling Cart Information (Green)

Cart Information

Recycling Cart Image
  • Your cart will be picked up curbside on your regularly scheduled pickup day.
  • Carts should be set out prior to 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.
  • The cart lid should be closed and not be overflowing.
  • Please DO NOT set out any other containers or bags.  Items outside the cart will not be collected.
  • Place all carts for curbside collection a maximum of five feet away from street and a minimum of four feet away from other objects including: mailboxes, trees, streetlights, parked cars, other recycling or garbage carts
  • Place carts on a level surface and away from overhanging tree branches.
  • Each cart provided to you is stamped with a serial number that is assigned specifically to your address with GPS delivery confirmation. We use that serial number to track your cart.
  • The carts stay with the address. Do not take the cart when you move.
  • Do not permanently mark or deface carts.
  • Additional carts can be purchased for a cost of $75 for a 65-gallon cart and $60 for a 35-gallon cart.
  • Periodic cleaning is advised.

What is and is not recyclable?

Acepted items

- all items must be rinsed out and free of residue
Steel cans
Aluminum cans
Plastic bottles (caps may be left on), like soda bottles, milk jugs, cleaning supply bottles (remove throw away nozzles)
Plastic jars, like peanut butter or mayonnaise jars
Clean cardboard, like soda boxes, cracker boxes, shipping boxes; all cardboard boxes must be flattened

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Not recyclable
Plastic bags of any kind
Glass of any kind
Paper products, like newspaper, loose sheets of paper, junk mail, books, magazines, bound paper
Plastic packing materials
Pizza boxes
Plastic toys
Garden hoses
Ropes, electric and appliance cords and Christmas lights
Wax coated-items, like juice boxes such as Juicy Juice or Florida's Natural Orange Juice
Items with residue
Paper towels, napkins, tissues, toilet paper, paper plates or cups of any kind
Aerosol cans
Plastic pet food containers, animal feed bags or bags of any kind
Medical waste
Packing materials of any kind including packing peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic wrap or straps
Aluminum foil, foil trays and pans
Scrap metal, lawn mower blades, car parts, propane tanks or pressurized containers
Clothes, shoes, blankets, stuffed animals or pillows
Christmas lights, appliances, electric cords or appliance cords

The right way to recycle is to:
Recycle clean plastic bottles and plastic jars, steel and aluminum cans and flattened cardboard;
Keep food and liquid out of our recycling;
No loose plastic bags and no bagged recyclables

Please rinse all plastic bottles, steel and aluminum cans before recycling. 
Plastic bags and plastic egg cartons may be returned to your local grocery store.

To download the Recycling Updates flyer in English,  click here.
To download the Recycling Updates flyer in Spanish, click here.


Additional Prohibited Items: 

Windshields, mirrors, electronic scrap, shoes, rubber, organic waste (plants, dirt, trees), light bulbs, porcelain, hazardous waste, chemicals, wood, blinds, food waste, pool solar blankets, patio furniture. No hazardous materials: hazardous liquids, combustibles, corrosives, etc.

All items on this prohibited list should be thrown away in accordance with local, state or federal regulations. If you have questions about proper disposal, please call (863) 655-0005

Common Reasons for Missed Collections:

  • Cart is not placed according to the set-out guidelines.
  • Cart is set-out for collection late.
  • Trash has been placed outside the cart or the cart is overflowing.
  • Cart contains unacceptable materials.
Cart Damage, Replacement or Exchange

  • Each household is provided with a standard 65-gallon green waste cart. To exchange your standard 65-gallon waste cart for a smaller 35-gallon, call (863) 655-0005. Please note that Waste Connections will do a one-time cart exchange at no cost but any additional exchanges will be at a $75 charge.
  • If your waste or recycling cart is damaged in the collection process, call (863) 655-0005 and Waste Connections will repair or replace your cart free of charge.
  • If your cart is damaged because of misuse, modification or placement of unacceptable materials, you will be responsible for purchasing a replacement cart at the indicated cost related to the charge.
  • If your cart is stolen, call law enforcement (non-emergency number) and obtain a case number. The homeowner will need to purchase a new cart at the indicated costs related to the cart size needed.
  • Additional carts may be purchased at a cost of $75 for a 65-gallon cart. The 35-gallon cart costs $60.