Curbside Collection - Garbage & Recycling

Residential Garbage Collection Curbside

Residential garbage is collected curbside from more than 37,658 residential units in the unincorporated areas of Highlands County through a franchise agreement with Waste Connections of Florida.  The residential collection program is supported by a non-ad valorem assessment on all residential properties in the unincorporated area.  The annual non-ad valorem assessment of $173.00 is collected on your annual property tax bill. 

The contract with Waste Connections includes curbside collection of residential garbage, recyclable materials and yard waste.  In addition, up to six (6) tires, bulk items and white goods are collected curbside.

Garbage, recyclable materials and either yard waste or bulk items are collected on the same day, depending on your pick up schedule.  Yard waste and bulk waste will alternate every other week on your trash pick up day.

Map showing garbage collection days