Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bundle my yard waste?

How much yard or bulk waste will be picked up on my scheduled day?

Why are Highlands County and Waste Connections using the blue and green carts?

Can I throw garbage directly into the garbage cart or does it need to be in a bag?

How do the carts make for a cleaner neighborhood?

Can I put anything outside of my cart?

What if the cart or a portion of it breaks?  Will I have to pay for the repair or a new one?

I didn't ask for a cart - do I have to use it?

Will anyone be able to put out their garbage without using the 95 gallon carts?

Can I put my recycling and garbage together in the blue cart?

Where can I recycle glass?

Should I put my recycling in bags before placing in the green cart?

What is considered bulk waste?

What is considered yard waste?