Highlands County Sun ‘N Lake Preserve

The Natural Resources Division manages roughly 1,350 acres of the Sun ‘N Lake Preserve. The Preserve was acquired with public funds through the Florida Communities Trust in 1990’s. The purpose of the Preserve is to protect wildlife resources through responsible land management activities and passive recreations enjoyment for the public.

The Sun ‘N Lake Preserve is neighboring Sun ‘N Lake Improvement District and the parking lot entrance is located on the corner of Sun ‘N Lake Blvd and Balboa Ave. Visitors may walk the trails and see the natural wildlife of Florida, including deer, alligators, gopher tortoises, a variety of birds, Florida panthers and black bears. To see these natural wonders, you have many scenic trails to hike and multiple off-road biking loops, going through beautiful cypress swamps or magnificent South Florida flatwoods. The Sun ‘N Lake Preserve also has opportunities for fishing in the three (3) catch and release ponds located on site.

To maintain wildlife habitat management practices Natural Resources staff will conduct controlled burnings, chemical and mechanical treatment of exotic vegetation and trail management periodically to name a few strategies to support in protecting, managing and restoring environmental lands and wildlife habitats. In supporting our efforts, we ask you leave only foot prints when visiting the Highlands County Sun ‘N Lake Preserve.

Preserve Entrance