Local League Sports

League Information

There are two (2) senior leagues that utilize the Sports Complex for games:
  • 55 and over 
  • 70 and over

The Senior Leagues run from January through March each year and games are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The 70 and older league plays a 10:00 am and the 55 and older league plays at 12:00 (noon).

For more information please contact:
  • 55 and over league --> Gary Kindle at (863) 835-2405 
  • 70 and over league --> John Kloet at (863) 471-0405

Local Adult League
Adult Softball Leagues are co-ed and are open to everyone 18 years and older. Presently, there are two leagues, Recreation A and Recreation B.  Recreation A League must have a minimum of 8 teams and Recreation B, Church and Women's League must have a minimum of six teams.

For all league play, U.S.S.S.A. Slow pitch softball rules will apply unless otherwise specified.

Team fees are $385.00 per season.  All fees include 10 games, sanctioning fees and a final tournament.  The fee includes one umpire, the field and light use as needed.  The sanctioning fee is an annual fee.  If he team name or player roster changes, an additional sanctioning fee will be required at registration.  All subsequent registration fees for the year are $360.00.

  • Awards
    The league champion shall receive a 50% off registration voucher for next season only. The voucher can be used by the league champion team only.
  • End-of-season tournament champions in the league will receive a 25% discount on the registration fee for the upcoming season only. The voucher can be used by the tournament champion team only, with no changes in team name for the next season.
  • If the league champion and the tournament champion is the same team, the total discount for registration into the upcoming season will be 75%, or $270.
For a copy of the League Rules and Regulations and roster, please call us (863) 402-6755 or (863) 402-6758.