Development Review Forms

Form 8-A - Application for Concurrency Determination

Form 8-A.2 - Application for Transportation Concurrency Determination Within Adjacent Municipality Developments

Form 8-B - Traffic Worksheet for Small Projects

Form 8-C - Worksheet for Minor Traffic Review

Form 8-D - Pre-Application Conference Request Form

Form 8-E - Certificate of Ownership and Dedication

Form 8-F - Joiner and Consent to Dedication

Form 8-G - Certificate of Approval by Board of County Commissioners

Form 8-H - Certificate of Surveyor

Form 8-I - Certificate by Engineer

Form 8-I.2 - Certificate By Landscape Architect

Form 8-J - Application for Plat Recording

Form 8-K - Required Transmittal Letter Notice of Flood Hazard Development Permit Application

Form 8-K.2 - Highlands County Flood Hazard Development Permit

Form 8-L - Required Transmittal Letter Notice of Final Development Order Application with Well Involved

Form 8-M - Required Transmittal Letter Notice of Final Development Order Application for a Mining Permit

Form 8-N - Required Transmittal Letter Notice of Application of Environmental Clearance

Form 8-O - Application for Final Development Order

Form 8-P - Application for Variance from Land Development Regulation

Form 8-Q - Notice of Appeal

Form 8-R - Affidavit

Form 8-S - Improvement Agreement

Form 8-T - Maintenance Agreement

Form 8-U - Notice of Non-Maintained Access

Form 8-U.2 - Notice of Public Non-Pavied County Maintained Access

Form 8-V - Commercial Site Plan Exemption Verification

Form 8-W - Private Roadway Naming Petition

Form 8-X - Roadway Naming Petition

Form 8-Y - Public Safety Roadway Renaming Petition

Form 8-Z - Honorary Roadway Designation Petition