NEC Significant Changes

NEC Significant Changes


1. GFCI Protection, Commercial, 210.8 (B): There are new GFCI requirements for certain 240V single-phase outlets and 3-phase outlets. 422.5 now lists appliances needing protection all in one location.

2. Dwelling Unit Garage Receptacles, 210.52 (G)(1):

A receptacle is now required IN each vehicle bay; garage receptacles must be supplied by a 20A branch circuit with no other loads except outdoor receptacles at grade level.

3. Meeting Room Receptacles, 210.71:

This new section was added to mandate receptacles in meeting rooms.

4. Grounding Electrodes, 250.52:

There are a few clarifications here regarding metal structures used as grounding electrodes, and a new prohibition against using pool reinforcement steel as a grounding electrode.

5. Grounding Electrode Conductors, 250.64 (B) (4):

Buried GEC’s don’t have to comply with the cover requirements of Table 300.5.

6. Receptacles in Wet Locations, 406.9 (B) (1):

250-volt receptacles in wet locations must be weather-rated.

7. Tamper-Resistant Receptacles, 406.12:

Guest rooms, elementary education facilities, parts of medical offices, gymnasiums, auditoriums, skating rinks, and several other occupancies are added. The rule applies to all 15 and 20 amp receptacles rated 125 and 250 volts.

8. Appliance Disconnects, 422.31 (A):

The allowance for appliances less than 300va to use the branch circuit breaker as a disconnecting means has been deleted. All appliances now require a disconnecting means within sight, or in some cases, a locking mechanism on the branch breaker.

9. Marinas and Docking Facilities, Article 555:

This now applies to dwelling units, with several new mandates including grounding, GFCI protection, and signage.

10. Pools, Article 680:

Wiring methods, other than in corrosive locations, have been relaxed to allow any approved Chapter 3 method. The supply circuit to a pool light must still incorporate an insulated equipment grounding conductor back to the service. A new section was added for electrically-powered pool lifts.