County Administrator's Office

County Administrator's Office
Highlands County is governed by five elected County Commissioners and an appointed County Administrator. The County Administrator, Randy Vosburg, and the Assistant County Administrator, Laurie Hurner, have executive powers to implement all decisions, ordinances, motions and the policies and procedures set forth by the Board of County Commissioners.

County operations fall under eight departments, each overseen by a department director who reports directly to the County Administrator.  The departments under Administration include:

  • Ag Extension
  • Business Services
  • Community Programs
  • Development Services
  • Engineering and Solid Waste
  • Parks & Facilities
  • Public Safety
  • Road & Bridge
In addition to the eight department directors that report directly to Administration, the Administrator's Office also includes the Public Information Office, a Capital Projects Manager, Legislative and Grants Coordinator and an Executive Assistant. 

The County Administrator provides policy and fiscal recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (Board).  On an annual basis, the County Administrator presents a proposed annual County budget to the Board for consideration.  The annual budget includes all personnel, operating and capital expenditures for the Board of County Commissioners for the upcoming fiscal year.  Additionally, the County Administrator performs ongoing financial and operational analysis and makes recommendations on all matters of public policy before the Board.

The County Administrator manages an annual budget in excess of $150 million dollars and oversees more than 385 County employees. Together, the Board and the County Administrator work to provide quality services, programs and information to the more than 100,000 residents throughout Highlands County.