Fire Assessment Information

In 2018, the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners approved a Countywide Fire Services special assessment to provide a dedicated and more stable source of funding for one of the County’s core services.

The special assessment is a dedicated source of funding used to pay for Fire Services within the unincorporated portions of Highlands County and the Town of Lake Placid. The special assessment is used to fund all aspects of the County’s fire service program, including paid firefighters, volunteer firefighter incentives, related facilities, apparatus, equipment, and programs. The Countywide Fire Services special assessment replaces the Special Benefit District fire assessment which residents previously paid within the 10 individual taxing districts.

Picture of wildfireThe Countywide Fire Services special assessment is a non-ad valorem special assessment. Funding Fire Services through a special assessment ensures that all property owners that benefit from the service share in the cost of the service. Each property owner pays their proportional share of the costs for the service. Utilizing an assessment program creates a more reliable funding source that does not fluctuate with economic cycles and housing prices.

Historically, the County has utilized a predominantly volunteer fire service.  In fiscal year 2018, the Board made it a priority to provide an enhanced level of services to its citizens and committed to transitioning to a combination paid and volunteer fire service.

The first phase of the transition will include 4 paid fire stations staffed around the clock with paid firefighters, working in combination with volunteers.  The current goal is to hire 36 full time firefighters within the first three (3)years.

The Countywide Fire Services budget for fiscal year 2019 is $xxx and includes xx paid firefighters. 

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