EMS Billing Information

EMS Billing Information

Highlands County EMS is a professional healthcare organization that provides emergency medical services to all of Highlands County. By utilizing a professional third-party billing agency it allows us to provide a much higher level of care and focus on doing one thing really well - out of hospital emergency medical care.

We charge a service fee, just like your doctor's office or the hospital emergency room. However, because we are a government agency, we are able to keep our service fee at or below those of small departments or private for-profit EMS providers. By providing the EMS crew your insurance coverage information, our staff can bill your insurance provider, Medicare, Medicaid or workers compensation direct, so you can focus on a speedy recovery. The staff of Highlands County EMS can always assist customers who have a question or concern about their bill.

With Highlands County EMS, patient care does not end at the hospital emergency room. Our billing services are all done by a professional third-party billing agency so we can insure the most efficient service possible, just as we provide in the back of the ambulance.

If you have questions about your bill or need to add insurance information please contact: 
EMS Management & Consultant, Inc.
(877) 253-9146

To submit a check or money order payment by mail please send to:
Highlands County Board of County Commissioners / EMS

P.O. Box 919754
Orlando, Fl 32891-9754

For further information or questions concerning your bill please contact:
Debbie Braden, Billing Specialist
(863) 402-6630