Pet Shelter

To register, please fill out a Pet Shelter Registration Form and email it to

The Pet Shelter is available to Highlands County residents. Proof of residency is required.

Space is limited and restrictions apply.

A maximum of two (2) pet owners may stay at the shelter.
Additional family members will be referred to a nearby human shelter.

Livestock, reptiles, birds or pocket pets will not be accepted.

Pets will be housed in a separate area from people.
Pet owners will be given a schedule to attend to their animal’s needs.

  • Pet Friendly Shelter admission will be consistent with other shelter openings.
  • Pet owners who are pre-registered with the Emergency Management Special Needs shelter may pre-register their pets to stay at the pet shelter. There is limited space available.
  • Pet owners will be required to provide their own food and water, sleeping bags, bedding, and personal toiletries. This shelter has limited space and residents should bring only essential necessities. Items too large or not considered essential will not be allowed.
  • Dogs and cats must be microchipped, currently vaccinated against rabies and wearing a current license tag.
  • Owners must provide pet’s food (for at least five days), water, medications, treats, bedding, toys, etc.
  • For the safety of staff and other animals, we reserve the right to refuse aggressive animals. No animals classified as dangerous or potentially dangerous or registered guard dogs will be accepted.
  • No furniture, weapons, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed to be brought into the pet shelter.
  • Once the storm has passed and roads are deemed safe for travel, the shelter will be immediately closed so Animal Control personnel, who will be staffing the pet shelter, may return to Animal Control to attend to animals at that facility. All pets and people will be required to leave the pet shelter. If a person's home is unsafe, options are available. Arrangements may be made with the Emergency Operations Center and Animal Control to house their animal while they report to an open human shelter and until they can find alternate shelter.