Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) coordinates emergency response and recovery activities throughout Highlands County. When activated for an emergency, the EOC is staffed with key personnel from first responder agencies, emergency relief organizations, County departments, municipalities, utility companies, media and other essential agencies.

The EOC operates at one of three preparedness stages, or Activation Levels:

Monitoring - Level Three (3)

Day-to-day operations with routine staffing and office hours. Off-hours emergency coverage is provide by “on call” teams.

Partial Activation - Level Two (2)
Some, but not all, EOC elements are activated. This may include additional staff and extended work hours.

Full Activation - Level One (1)
Provides round-the-clock staffing and services during an actual or pending emergency. A Full Activation is typically accompanied by a State of Local Emergency declared by the Board of County Commissioners.

The EOC coordinates and reports serious incidents and hazards to the State Watch Office located at the State EOC in Tallahassee. We, in turn, coordinate State and/or Federal involvement or assistance within the County. We develop and coordinate programs to protect the public from large-scale natural and technological hazards or disasters.