Health Insurance Advisory Committee

Health Insurance Advisory Committee

The Health Insurance Advisory Committee was created to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and strategies by representatives of employers, employees, and retirees participating in the Group Health Plan.  The purpose of this Committee is to work in an advisory capacity to the Board relative to all aspects of its health and wellness funds and the Plan.


The Committee Members and Alternate Members representing the Employees, Retirees and the Public will be appointed by the Board. 

The Health Insurance Advisor Committee consists of the following:
  • Board Chairman or designee
  • Clerk of Courts or designee
  • Property Appraiser or designee
  • Sheriff or designee
  • Tax Collector designee
  • Supervisor of Elections or designee
  • Employee Representative appointed by the Board
  • Retiree Representative appointed by the Board
  • One (1) member of the public with background in insurance (hereinafter “Public Representative”), appointed by the Board
  • One (1) representative of the largest Participating Agency other than the Board
Members shall serve four-year terms. 

Health Insurance Committee Charter, as revised.

Meetings are held quarterly.

Rebecca Cable / Staff Liaison
(863) 402-6809

Commissioner Chris Campbell / Board of County Commissioners

Jerome Kaszubowski / Clerk of Courts, Representative

Peggy Chapman / Property Appraiser, Representative

Rob Reed / Sheriff Office, Representative

Wendy Jacobs / Tax Collector, Representative

Karen Healy / Supervisor of Elections, Representative

Carol West / Employee Representative
Term Expires: December 2021

Estella Patrick / Employee Representative (alt)
Term Expires: June 2021

Vicki Pontius / Retiree Representative
Term Expires: June 2021

Dusty Johnson / Public Representative
Term Expires: May 2022

Omar DeJesus/ Larges Participating Agency (other)
Term Expires: October 2021